Reform Party Rebuilding Efforts Bear Fruit

The Reform Party of the United States is once again standing. For several years, it was on life support as internal feuds and external takeover attempts hampered growth and brought about a decline. Recently however, its fortunes have changed.

The Reform Party of New York has found electoral success, and sparked the revival of the Reform Party. After placing 2,000 candidates on the ballot, and winning a number of local offices, the Reform Party of New York’s ballot line has become a sough after fusion line for New York candidates. The demand for the Reform Party of New York’s line has brought the Reform Party a great deal of income and political influence.

“The success in New York has trickled down to other affiliates,” said Reform Party of North Carolina Chairman and National Secretary Nicholas Hensley, “I’ve been asked for the Reform Party endorsement by several independent candidates, because they see the success in New York”.

The Reform Party has put out several fundraising announcements, and revamped two online stores. According to sources, the Reform Party’s royalties from online stores has doubled and the treasurer has seen an increase in donations to Reform Party affiliates. Donations are trickling in, and the Reform Party’s financing has strengthened.

Communications have been a strengthen for the Reform Party. Compared to many alternative parties, and other centrist parties, the Reform Party has had a consistent message that is now being picked up by media outlets.

“We’ve become a story again,” Hensley stated, “we’re now being mentioned in news stories, and people are asking us for quotes.

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