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Candidates of 2012

Previous Reform Party Candidates that ran in the 2012 Florida General Election

Here is a listing on the Reform Party and affiliated candidates that are running this year in 2012 for their various State and federal offices

2012 Presidential and Vice President Selection for The Reform Party

Reform Party Selection for President

Name: Andre Nigel Barnett
Position / Employer: WiseDome, Inc.

Mr. Barnett is a visionary. He is an Information Technology Service Disabled Veteran Small Business Owner, with an emphasis on security and educated at Austin Peay State Univ. and Western Governors Univ. From 1996 – 2000, Mr. Barnett served in the US Army. In 2000, he was chaptered out of the military due to an helicopter incident-related injury, and was told the injury would end his career both in the military and in the fitness arena. Never any person decide his fate, within 3 years he became a fitness model while simultaneously starting the company WiseDome, Inc. Within 7 years Mr. Barnett was one of NY’s top fitness models and was also working with various federal agencies and corporations providing information technology services.

After leaving the military, he continued to serve alongside the US Armed Forces, CIA, FBI, NATO and various other organizations in the information technology field on various fronts throughout America, Western Europe, the former Yugoslavia, and the Middle East.

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Reform Party Selection for Vice President

Name: Kenneth R. Cross
Position/Employer: President/Owner of K. R. Cross Consulting

Mr. Cross is a registered professional engineer who graduated from Michigan State University with a B. S. in Civil Engineering.

Ken has come to know and understand the people of our country as a result of his diverse life experiences. He picked up potatoes with migrant workers as a child, worked as a UAW foundry worker, was a construction worker, has owned several small businesses, was a corporate executive, and is currently a management consultant.

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Congressional Reform Party Candidates

Name: William Cleave Drummond II
Position / Employer: Freelance Website Designer & Artist
Office Running For: US House Candidate Florida District 1

Mr. Drummond is a certified Commercial Artists and at one time had a current certification as a Nursing Assistant. Once he finished school he went into the commercial arts field and has been a sign painter, a screen printer, a heraldic artist and a design artist through the years till starting to work online as a freelance artist and designer while taking care of his son at home who is autistic. He has been involved with the gaming development and has his name on 2 commercial titles. He has continued to be active in both the design and gaming industry as well as active in the Reform Party as Secretary / Treasurer of the Florida Reform Party.

Currently he is running for Congress and continues to do freelance work that includes painting signs, providing custom calligraphy, website design as well as running an entertainment blog that does reviews of games and films with his wife.

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