Chipley, Florida – The Reform Party of Florida is raising money for its general operating fund. This fund pays for the day to day activities of the Florida affiliate. The Reform Party of Florida also must maintain five hundred dollars of financial activity a year to maintain their ballot access.

“The Reform Party of Florida is an original affiliate of the Reform Party. It is important to keep it going, and do that, we have to seek donations,” said William Drummond, the party’s treasurer.

The Reform Party of Florida is one of only two Reform Party affiliates that still has ballot access. To keep its ballot access, it must have five hundred dollars in financial activity. Since the party is an all volunteer organization, none of its members are paid, and all funds will go towards supporting the party’s operations.

The Reform Party of Florida is also seeking candidates for 2015 and 2016 elections. If you would like to donate, volunteer or run for office, it is possible to contact the Reform Party of Florida

It is possible to send donations to:
1031-B Nursery Road
Chipley, Florida 32428