Reform Candidates for President and Vice President



Reform Party Candidate Andre Barnett for President



The recently reorganized Reform Party of the United States, initially founded by billionaire H. Ross Perot in the mid-1990s, has nominated fitness personality and entrepreneur Andre Barnett as its presidential candidate for the 2012 Election, now only days away. Kenneth Cross was selected to be his running mate. The Barnett/Cross ticket represents the first time candidates for president and vice-president were selected via approval voting at any party’s national convention.



“The Reform Party is the greatest party that there is right now. We have nowhere to go but up,” said Mr. Barnett, who used his acceptance speech to reaffirm his commitment to unifying the country: “I am not a proponent of the one percent or the ninety-nine percent; it is one-hundred percent of everyone in America!”


Andre Barnett is a veteran of the United States Army, a sought after fitness personality and the founder of internet-technology company WiseDome Inc. He was one of the earliest announced candidates for the party’s nomination; the crowded field of contenders included former Governor Buddy Roemer, economist Laurence Kotlikoff and author Darcy Richardson, among others.


Barnett was selected as the nominee using approval voting, whereby delegates can cast ballots for as many candidates as they like. Barnett placed first with approximately 95% approval, followed by Cross at approximately 90% approval.

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