You’ve Joined the REFORM PARTY of Florida; Now What?

You have to Register as REFORM PARTY (REF) with Supervisor of Elections to become a Reform Party of Florida Member. Now let’s get to the next level as a MAJOR PARTY.

Did you know that the Florida Constitution segregates us from the D’s and R’s? They have different rules and different rights.

The U.S. Constitution does not mention political parties let alone endorse them formally.

That is not representative government now is it?

We must register 5% of the voters in this state to be considered a Major Party under these seperatist rules. We can do that if you help.

Your Voter registration card lists important information. It tells you what precinct to which you belong for voting purposes. It lists your Congressional District and the districts of your State Senator, State Representative, County Commissioner, School Board Member, State and County Court Judges districts, plus any special taxing districts which apply to you. Here is where you can become involved in LOCAL political action.

You can now participate in State and Local RPFL activities, and meetings.

You can help us organize in your county and help us recruit new members.

You could help us research local issues in your area and attend local public meetings of your county and city government.

Check the NEWS and EVENTS pages on this website regularly to stay informed.

Donations are always gratefully accepted.

To run for Party or Public office you must verify your membership to the State Executive Committee which will validate your eligibility under the RPFL Rules and bylaws.

Candidate Form from Florida Supv of Elections You can print this form out and deliver or mail it to your County Supervisor of Elections.

Contact us for local activities of the RPFL in your county.