Deland, Florida – Reform Party of Florida Candidate Darcy G Richardson qualifies as the only third-party candidate for Florida governor last week and receives an early endorsement from prominent former Libertarian.

“I was both surprised and excited to see Darcy Richardson take the third line in the governor’s race this year,” said Paul Stanton, former Libertarian Party candidate for U.S. Senate 2015. “I have admired his liberty-loving activism for years.” As the only third-party candidate to qualify, Richardson will be the third option for Florida voters behind the Republicans and Democrats.

“As opposed to other third-parties, the Reform Party of Florida embraces those willing to step it up a notch to make Florida better for working Americans,” said Joseph Wendt, Chairman of the Reform Party of Florida. “The Reform Party of Florida believes in building a coalition of the willing.”

Stanton concludes, “Darcy’s experience and knowledge makes him the right candidate to challenge the status quo in Florida. I have no doubt that given the chance, Darcy will make Florida a better place for all Floridians. I firmly support Darcy Richardson for Governor, and I hope to see more candidates like him in the future.”

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