Reform Party Rising

The Reform Party has a fully qualified candidate for Governor and Darcy G Richardson is the only third party candidate on the ballot for Governor. Unlike other minor parties in Florida, we fully support our candidate.

No one in the Reform Party saw fit to back bite our candidate and then run away from the race. Unlike a particular minor party, the Reform Party is not trying to appease and legitimize the Alt-right, or openly recruiting known white nationalists into leadership positions. Unlike a certain political party, we are not opting out of the discussion to decide the future of Florida.

We are the party of the average American, the forgotten American. Americans that work two jobs and are barely able to pay their bills. Americans that cherish their country and his freedom. These Americans now have a champion, and Darcy G Richardson will fight for them and provide a real alternative in November. The Reform Party of Florida hears you and will fight for the forgotten American.

To learn more about our dynamic candidate for Governor, go to and check out his Facebook

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