The Reform Party Nominates Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as Presidential Candidate

May 28, 2024 – On Thursday night, the Reform Party announced its nomination of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as their presidential candidate for the upcoming election. Kennedy, a well-respected environmental lawyer, and activist, is seen as embodying the values and vision of the party, which is committed to bringing about positive change and reform in the political system.

Vice Chairman Matthew Crowley expressed his enthusiasm for the nomination, stating, “I look forward to working with his campaign and I’m glad to be bringing back the spirit of independence for the first time since Perot.”

A comparison of Kennedy’s policies, as outlined on his campaign website, and the Reform Party’s solutions, as detailed on our national website, reveal a strong alignment of views and positions on key issues such as campaign finance reform, environmental protection, and more.

With Kennedy as our candidate, the Reform Party is poised to make a strong showing in the upcoming election, offering voters in Florida a compelling alternative to the traditional two-party system.

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