Reform Party Preparing for 2016 Elections

The Reform Party of the United States is prepared for the upcoming 2016 November elections, and will run candidates across the country. Picking up even small, local offices is important because Reform Party officeholders serve as a conduit into the communities they serve, and aid the party in reaching out to voters.

The Reform Party of New York will be running a slate of candidates for every level of office. This has made the Reform Party of New York an influential force in state politics.  Due to the number of candidates, it is a statistical probability that the Reform Party of New York will win a number of races this year, and add several more officeholders.

The Reform Party of California is fielding Alan Reynolds in the 41st District State Assembly race. Alan Reynolds is an engineer and has run for office several times before.

The Reform Party of Florida will field a presidential candidate on its line.

The Reform Party of Texas is fielding Ronald Kimmons the 7th US House District. A graduate of Brigham Young University, Kimmons is a content writer and translator fluent in Mandarin and Spanish. He can also read Portuguese and Indonesian.

The Reform Party of North Carolina is seeking to endorse a number of independents and write ins in local races, and has endorsed candidates every year for the last three years.

The Reform Party will meet in Bohemia, New York for the National Convention to choose a Presidential candidate. If you wish to support a Reform Party Presidential candidate, it is possible to purchase merchandise here or donate through the contribution section of the website.

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