Recent Changes

State election officials in Florida recently conducted a review of all registered minor political parties to determine their viability and compliance with Florida’s Election Laws.  The deadline for compliance was November 16, 2011.  Prior to the review there were 31 listed on the Division of Elections website.  Notables were of course Reform of Florida, but also including the Libertarian Party, Americans Elect, the Green Party and the Tea Party.

Central to the review was a legal perusal of the Party’s governing documents to be certain they complied with current State law.  Reform of Florida has been registered for many years and the governing documents (By-Laws) were complete and well constructed.  Never the less, nearly a dozen revisions had to be made to update verbiage to new standards.

In addition to modifications to the By Laws, Florida Reform made changes to its slate on the Executive Committee, moving Donna Shankle from Secretary to Vice Chairman, and introducing William Cleave Drummond to the Treasurer’s position.  Cleave also holds the role of Secretary.

With these changes in place, Reform of Florida will retain its minor political party status and ballot access for the foreseeable future.  Expanding the Party’s membership and fielding a group of qualified candidates for 2012 will be the focus in the coming months.


William Dopf – Chairman, Reform Party of Florida


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